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Don’t get locked out of your business in New York!


Have you ever arrived at your place of work and found that someone has lost the keys? All the staff are waiting outside in the cold, or the rain, or just mad and frustrated because they cannot get inside.  Losing keys is one of the most frustrating things to do, and if you live in New York, it can take forever fora locksmith to get to you.


Not if you use Panda Locksmiths in New York.  These professional New York locksmiths can get you out of your emergency lock-out situation.  It doesn’t matter what kind of locks you are using, in an emergency, get hold of Panda.  They work 24/7, 7 days a week and over holidays too. There is always someone to answer the phone, and no matter what time your locksmith emergency is, they will be available to help you.


Panda Locksmiths do a variety of work.  They can help you in an emergency, they can upgrade your locks and your security systems in your place of work, they can quote you on new systems and do any installations.  They have experience with all kinds of locks, for doors, safes, cabinets, storage units and more.  And of course, they can help with vehicle key emergencies too.


If you have a business in New York, or you manage a business in New York, put the number of a reputable and reliable New York locksmith in your phone contacts.  It’s a good idea to always have somebody available for you, just in case of an emergency.  Also, it’s not a bad idea to have your keys and locks serviced.  There is nothing worse than getting a key stuck in a lock and not being able to get in or out.


Looking for commercial locksmiths in New York. And residential locksmiths too?  Contact Panda Locksmiths, right here.  They are professional and reliable and really good at what they do.



If you live in New York, get organized!  The city is huge, it’s vibrant, it’s fabulous, and it’s also not so good when you need a New York locksmith and suddenly can’t find one.  At Panda Locksmiths we encourage you to get organized early – that means take a look at the New York locksmiths available, put a number in your phone, email them for a quote, and just be ready for any locksmith emergency.

If you are building or renovating, re-doing your keys and locks can be easy.  It doesn’t matter if it is a home or an office, and how small or big the job is, getting new keys and locks arranged should be done efficiently, by professionals.  New York locksmiths do get busy, so if you are doing a new job, get your quotes early.  And use a locksmith that is good.  This would be Panda!  We’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, SoHo, The Village and all the outlying New York suburbs too.

You might also need extra security, depending on your work.  Many offices today do use commercial locks and keys, some use master systems, exit devices, keyless entry locks and panic bars.  Yes, panic bars.  Take a look at your options and your needs.  Or, call a locksmith in New York and ask them for advice.  Find out what your business or company needs.  It may be that you decide to go the simple route, and Panda Locksmiths can help you, or you want personal designs, CCTV monitoring, keypad door locks and the whole bang shoot.

Send a mail to Panda Locksmiths and ask for a quote.  They will happily come out to all parts of New York, take a look at your needs, and of course, offer you the best possible solutions.  Their prices are competitive and they are New York locksmiths that you can rely on.  For all kinds of lock and key work. 

It’s also a good idea to have the number of a New York locksmith in your phone for just in case.  If you have an emergency, i.e. you have locked yourself out – you need to be able to get hold of a good and reliable locksmith in the New York area, quickly and immediately.  They have qualified locksmiths who deal with home, vehicle, office, safe and any kind of locksmith emergency, 24/7.

Call us right here, email us right here, or send a message.  We will get back to you immediately.

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Business Security Tips in New York


If you have a business in NY, no matter the size, you want to protect it.  In the same way you should always protect your work on your computers (don’t forget to back up!), your office equipment should be safe too.  The days of gently locking the door behind you and going home are sadly over.  Today, businesses do need more sophisticated security.  And if you are in New York, security is a priority.


Actually, security is a priority everywhere.  People work hard and they should be safe, and their possessions should be safe.  You may want to take a look at upgrading your New York security, and you can start with your locks and keys.  There are many ways to upgrade security without it costing you a small fortune


It doesn’t matter what your business is, security is always a number one priority. It is important to protect your property from the risks of burglary.  If you live in the New York area, contact Panda Locksmiths.  Panda will assess your security, give you advice and talk to you about costs.  The Panda New York Locksmiths are all highly trained, professional, use the latest technology and will help keep you, your possessions and any business supplies you have, safe and secure.


There are a number of ways to upgrade your security in New York.  You may want to put in a burglar alarm system with a keypad lock. You may want security doors.  Perhaps locks and keys are enough for you.  CCTV security cameras may be unnecessary if you are a small business, but if you are large and theft is an issue, then yes.


Panda Locksmiths in New York will custom make a security system for you. They are an excellent and professional locksmith in New York and will undertake any job, big or small.  If you want an upgrade, sure. If you want to start off from scratch, sure. And if you happen to just get locked out of the office and you need help, they are best New York emergency locksmiths in town.


Contact Panda Locksmiths right here.  They’re available for emergencies 24/7, and will respond to you immediately.  And phone or send an email for a consultation for future work.