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Lock Change

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We usually only deal with locksmiths when we have an emergency.  This makes perfect sense; you’ve misplaced your keys and cannot get into your house.  But we should pay a bit more attention to the keys and locks in our house at all times, and this is why. 

Duplicate keys

If you have recently moved into your house or apartment, someone else may have a duplicate set of your keys.  Someone you don’t know.  It’s a good idea when you move into a new place, to redo the locks.  It does not have to cost you a fortune but you should do it, just in case there are other keys lurking around.  If you need New York locksmiths, Panda are very good.

Old locks

If your locks are old and rusty, it may be that your key one day goes in and does not come out.  This is not a fun thing to happen.  It means you need to get an emergency locksmith.  This is okay if you find a good emergency locksmith and one who works 24 hours a day, but rather try and prevent this.   Get your locks looked it, maybe serviced and replaced if need be.  Again, Panda locksmiths in New York are excellent.

Spare keys

It is really important thing for someone else to have a set of your keys.  Someone you know and trust. That way, it is unlikely you will need an emergency locksmith.  Try and give a spare set of keys, both house and car keys, to a trusted friend or family member, and preferably, one who is fairly near by.


Whether you are in a house, apartment or office, have spare sets of keys.  And replace your keys if you think your security has been compromised.  If you are in the New York area, you want a good and reputable locksmith and one who works 24/7.  Check out New York locksmiths, Panda Locksmiths, who do work 24/7, every day of the week and even on holidays.


Rather don’t wait until you need an emergency locksmith New York.  But if you do, Panda. In the meantime, check your locks, have spare keys made and give copies to your trusted one.


High Security Locks & Keys

 New York Locksmiths, High Security Locks and Keys 

We never like to make anyone anxious but it is important that you have high security locks and keys in your house.  Safety is a top priority and even if you live in a New York apartment, 12 floors high, you need to have decent locks and keys.

You can get ordinary looks and keys, lock cylinders, mechanical locks, intelligent electronic locks and many more fancy systems.  We think you need to assess your home, see where you feel unsafe – perhaps you have one lock that you constantly battle with – and look at what you need to replace.

The days of simple little locks and keys are over.  Chat to your New York locksmith and ask for suggestions.  You may only need to make small changes to make your home a whole lot safer.  If you are building from scratch, you may want to put in special locks from the very beginning.  If you are renovating, you may want to change your standard locks to more high-tech locks.  And if your locks have broken, which is when you need an emergency locksmith, then you need to fix and probably upgrade your locks.

Choosing a New York locksmith is simple.  Go with Panda Locksmiths who deal with homes, businesses and hotels.  They have emergency locksmiths who are available all over New York, 24 hours a day and on weekends too.  They are always speedy and reliable, which is what you want from a New York emergency locksmith, and have all the right qualifications.

Hopefully you don’t have an emergency.  But if you are upgrading your system, chat to Panda Locksmiths too.  They can come out and assess your individual situation, and give you a quote. 

If you get stuck outside your home, or outside your office, or even inside, contact Panda Locksmiths in New York.  They will help you, quickly, seamlessly and efficiently.

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Lock Installation New York


There are a wide variety of locks and keys.  You can go with the very simple system of a lock and key, you can have a security door, security cameras and a whole security system put in.  Technology today makes up a large part of security and you do have choices with your lock systems. 

A lot of the choices you make will depend on how you live and where you live.  In New York, many people live in apartments. Apartments often have keypads for entry and exit and then each resident has a lock and key, or even a keycard.  Panda locksmiths will assess your individual situation and advise you on security.

You may want to upgrade your security system, or put in an entirely new security system.  Or, you may have locked yourself out of your home.  Panda Locksmiths in New York will get you out of any tricky situation, but will also ensure you do not get into tricky situations.  Contact them to have your locks serviced, or upgraded, or to get quotes and ideas.

Lock installations can depend on budget, of course . If you have an unlimited budget we will of course suggest the most high-tech cutting edge security systems.  If you are on a limited budget, we will be here to help and advice too – no job is too small or too big  – and we will ensure you get the right lock for you and your budget.

Our New York locksmiths work with all kinds of locks – apartments, homes, commercial and residential.  They work with simple key and lock systems, electronic locks and smart locks.  Call Panda locksmiths – they have a brilliant New York emergency locksmith system too – and they will help you, advice you, upgrade you and look after you.

You can contact Panda Locksmiths right here.  Send an email if you need a quote, send an SMS or phone us.  And if you are having a locksmith emergency – call us right here, 24/7, 7 days a week.  We will be delighted to assist.