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Whether you want to secure your your home’s door lock, or you are locked outside. Panda Locksmiths in Manhattan are always here with a secured solution.  

Emergency Locksmith services, Residential, Auto & Commercial locksmith services all around Manhattan and NYC.

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Our expert locksmith technicians are servicing car lockouts or creating new car keys all over Manhattan & New York City.

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Our New York City fleet of expert locksmiths are ready to match you up with the right locks to ensure your family is secured and come to your rescue when the you are locked outside of your home.

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Securing your business, securing your assets

  • House lockout served – 4891
  • Lock change served – 3882
  • Car lockout served – 2356
  • Car key replacement – 726
  • Rekey – 2813

Our locksmith services reviews

Was in town visiting a friend and ended up locked out of her apartment. Gave these guys a try and was well worth it!! The technician was there in under 20 minutes and super friendly. Great service all around. If you’re ever in jam, these are the guys to call!!

Tiffany Turner

I got locked out of my appointment and I found panda locksmith on Google maps. They came in less then 15 min and opened my door maybe 1 min after. Thank you panda locksmith i hope my multi lock will last for a while:)

Jasmin Wei

Commercial, Residential, Automotive and 24-Hour Locksmiths in NYC

Panda Locksmith delivers a high-quality and professional service at a competitive price. Our technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for residents of NYC and all its surrounding suburbs.

We provide an extensive range of services for both commercial and residential customers. Located in Manhatten, our team has easy access to NYC’s major areas, offering prompt and reliable service to the whole metropolitan area. Our locksmiths and security professional installers are available at any time, day or night, for both general work and emergency calls.

We work to a rapid response guarantee, ensuring fast and reliable onsite mobile locksmith services when you need it. You can rely on Panda Locksmith to arrive on time, every time to solve all of your locksmith and security issues.

5 Reasons why it’s time to rekey or change your locks

Replacing a lock on a door you’ve been using for years, or a new one for that matter, may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience.  But here are five reasons why this peculiar-seeming task is actually a “key” one!

Lost Keys

We’ve all done it, after a night at the bar, a busy day of running around, or just a mundane average day just like any other.  Somehow, somewhere your keys grew legs and walked away.  Sure, you can go home to your partner, make a copy of that key, and carry on as if it didn’t happen.  But until you change the locks on your door, you’ll be living every day knowing that some stranger from the bar, a fellow grocery store patron, or your least favorite coworker has access to your home.  Changing the locks is a one-step process to help you avoid that terror.

Old Locks

Sure you feel comfortable and cozy in your 30+ year old home.  You know all it’s nooks and crannies and appreciate the homely scent every time you walk in the door.  However, just like you know it’s nooks and crannies, it’s likely that the neighborhood trouble makers have also figured out how to sneak in through an old lock system like the one your house came with.  Our locksmiths can update the locks on your door so that that homely scent can stay yours, and yours alone!

New Apartment

Although we would like to think that all landlords follow the protocol of picking up old tenants’ keys’ upon transfer of ownership… there is unfortunately no way to guarantee that this is the case.  Additionally, even if your trustworthy landlord makes that guarantee, there’s no way to be sure that the previous tenants hadn’t made a copy of the key themselves in case of emergencies, or in case they felt the need to borrow some of the new furniture coming in to their old apartment.

A Break Up

Though there are often a million things on your mind after a break up, you should make sure that getting your locks replaced is one of them.  No matter how smooth or messy the transition was, at some point in time there was some degree of trust lost with your significant other.  Even if it seems like an unnecessary precaution, it’s not a bad idea to call a locksmith and replace the locks for your own piece of mind.  New locks make your space yours again, and gives you a chance to start new.

Old Locks

You’ve worked a grueling 8 hour day, you’ve picked up the kids from soccer, you’ve gotten groceries for dinner and all you need to do now is rush home to let the dog out.  You pull up in to the driveway, run up the walk-way to your door… and spend 5 minutes trying to get a sticky lock unlocked. Doors are meant to open and welcome you home, not keep you out!  Replacing the locks can help avoid these inconveniences that you simply don’t need!  So call us today and we can send one of our nearby locksmith technicians to take a look at your locks.

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