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“This service was so great I can’t believe it. The locksmith arrived within 20 minutes, he was so nice and affordable. I recommend them to everyone who’s locked out in Manhattan”
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Been locked outside your car is one unpleasant experience that can happen to all of us.

We understand it very well and we are fully committed to provide you with the fastest service we can and get you back on the road as soon as possible.
so don’t waste any more time call us we are waiting 24/7.

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Lost Your car Key? Locksmith Vs. Dealership

Lost your car key and locked outside your car? it can be an unpleasant experience but happened to almost all of us at some point. Your first thought might be calling your dealership to get a new key, so you pick up the phone and start thinking about all the logistics involved in towing the car to the dealership and the time it will take. Another option is to call a locksmith. Lets compare the two.


  • Hassle free experience
  • Super fast – Within an hour you can have a key and drive off
  • Low cost – You don’t pay dealership price for the key
  • One person interaction
  • Create the key next to your car


  • You need to call the dealership to see if they have this key, price different tow trucks, Wait next to the car for the tow truck, tow the car to the dealership, wait for a ride back home, go pick up the car the next day if you’re lucky, be late for work and pay two businesses for the service
  • It can take you days
  • You need to pay dealership price for the key and labor plus for the tow truck
  • You need to deal with the tow truck and the dealership
  • The only thing you can do next to your car is wait.

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3 Things you shouldn’t do when you’re locked out of your car


Don’t try to open it yourself

As locksmiths we often experience times when customers try to open the car on their own and usually one these scenarios happen:

  1. The window cracks.
  2. Customer accidentally scratches the car.
  3. Disabling the mechanism.
  4. Creates an irreversible damage.

Don’t ask a stranger for help

Strangers are not locksmiths or certified mechanics, they have good intentions of helping you out but usually the execution is very poor and the results are the same as if you tried to open it yourself.

Don’t break the window

We definitely recommend not breaking the window, unless there is life in danger. You can get hurt by a broken glass and you will have to replace the window which is going to cost you more that waiting 15 minutes for us to unlock your car. we are experienced professional locksmith and we can get you back on your feet in no time.